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Development intern

  • Netherlands
  • Full-time
  • Paid internship

AppSignal provides amazing insights into the workings and effects of applications. Our application is used by development teams around the world to build better applications. This is what drives us. Or as we like to say: We monitor the crap out of your app.

We’ll be looking for the same mindset before we start looking at your skills. If you get excited by this mission, you should definitely apply for this position.

The role

Having a great internship can be the start of your career. One of our developers said a while ago "if it wasn't for my internship at X, I would probably be working for some boring IT company".

We'll find challenges that suit your skill-level and interests. Your code will surely end up in our product.

Your skills

  • You are excited about writing code; front-end, back-end, or a combination of both
  • You love our mission
  • You have written code before, for school or for fun
  • You like to work at a smallish, informal company (no, that's not a codeword for "steamy pile of sh*t"; we've been running businesses since 2002)
  • You like to work at a company in its growth phase with a proven business model, actual revenue and an experienced team
  • You like working with developers, designers and growth people
  • You like to work remote

Your profile

We welcome people of all backgrounds, genders and orientations to apply to this position. You are hungry for knowledge and like to work in an environment where you are seen as a team-member, not a solution for shitty jobs inside the company.

How to apply

Send your application by email to jobs@appsignal.com. Please include a written motivation on why you want to work with AppSignal and what types of challenges you are looking for in an internship.

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