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Loads of internet friends.

AppSignal likes to play nice. You choose the tools you use to get the job done, and we give them the data to do so. AppSignal integrates with a growing number of issue trackers and collaboration tools, including Pivotal Tracker, GitHub Issues, GitLab Issues and Trello.

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Get notifications where you want them.

Chances are you don't want to receive an email for every single notification. That’s why we integrate with team collaboration tools like Slack, Flowdock, HipChat and OpsGenie so you can receive notifications for deploys, errors and performance issues right where your team is — instead of (or in addition to) getting an email.


Create custom webhooks

Use the deploy marker, error and performance JSON data to create custom webhooks. They’re great for building your own dashboard with live updates from AppSignal or to integrate AppSignal with a medium we don't support (yet).

Request new integrations

We’re always on the lookout for new integrations we can build so you can pair AppSignal with all of your favorite tools. Have an idea? with your suggestions for integrations not yet in our toolbox.