Error tracking &
performance insights
for Ruby

AppSignal solves all your Ruby monitoring needs in a single tool. You and your team can focus on writing code and we'll provide the alerts if your app has any issues.

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Monitor the crap out of your app.

AppSignal is an easy to use tool for developers and their teams. We provide insights to keep your app running smoothly, develop & ship with more confidence and improve the performance of your application.

Catch nasty errors

Catch every exception in your app, without exception. Dive deep into errors and smash the bugs that plague your app.

Screenshot of a list of errors inside AppSignal

Find performance issues

Know when your app is slow and why it’s lagging. Spot trends with easy-to-use graphs and inspect details of slow requests.

Screenshot of performance graphs inside AppSignal

Find which events are slow

Use the stacked graphs to discover which events slow you down. Easily identify slow queries, controllers, views or API calls.

Screenshot of a stacked graph inside AppSignal

Find underperforming background jobs

Track errors, performance issues and queue times for Resque, Sidekiq and Delayed Job. No additional configuration necessary!

Screenshot of a list of background jobs inside AppSignal

Get a whole lot of insights.

If you want to write and ship code with confidence, you need to know what's going on. This is why AppSignal is jam-packed with features that bring you deep insights into your tool. And new insights are being added all the time.

Frameworks we monitor

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Grape
  • Rack
  • Create your own integration!

Background processors

  • Delayed job
  • Sidekiq
  • Resque
  • Custom background processes

Performance insights

  • Response times (mean, 90th percentile)
  • Breakdowns per deploy
  • Queue times
  • Stacked graphs (event groups)
  • Memory allocations
  • Event tree
  • Meta information
  • Custom instrumentation

Error tracking

  • Error rate
  • Breakdowns per deploy
  • Open / close
  • Send to issue tracker
  • Error message, parameters, session data
  • Backtrace
  • Environment information
  • Link to the commits for this deploy

Inspect slow events

  • Event groups overview
  • Response times & throughput graphs
  • Impact on the system
  • Actions affected by slow events

Custom metrics

  • Push any type of data
  • Create your own tabs & graphs
  • Combine data in graphs
  • Easy YAML configuration


  • Mean, 90th percentile, throughput
  • Error rate
  • Namespace overview
  • Graphs per host
  • Queue times (mean, 90th percentile)

Deploy tracking

  • Revision hash
  • Deployed by user
  • Live for
  • Total # of errors
  • Errors per hour

Front-end monitoring (beta)

  • JavaScript errors
  • Browser performance
  • Global performance

Monitoring billions of requests for:

Read our WeTransfer case study to learn how we monitor up to 20B requests each month.