We monitor the software that makes your customers happy.

AppSignal helps you to improve the stability and performance of your software. And if the shit does hit the fan, we'll give you the tools and insights to fix it.

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AppSignal supports Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Grape & Rack and works great with all popular background processors.

Application monitoring your team will love.

Your team ships the best software they possibly can, with AppSignal providing them essential insights to make that happen. We help you make your app, your team and your customers happier. And that's what makes us happy.

Catch errors

Catch every exception in your app, without exception. Dive deep into errors and smash the bugs that plague your app.

Screenshot of a list of errors inside AppSignal

Monitor performance

Know when your app is slow and why it’s lagging. Spot trends with easy-to-use graphs and inspect details of slow requests.

Screenshot of performance graphs inside AppSignal

Stacked graphs

Use the stacked graphs to discover which events slow you down. Easily identify slow queries, controllers, views or API calls.

Screenshot of a stacked graphs inside AppSignal

Track background jobs

Track errors, performance issues and queue times for Resque, Sidekiq and Delayed Job. No additional configuration necessary!

Screenshot of a list of background inside AppSignal

More insights. Better software.

Every line of code you write and deploy is a decision you make. We are here to make sure you make the most well informed decisions. That is why AppSignal is jam-packed with insights. Each of these insights is a piece of the puzzle, and together they paint the full picture of your production systems' health.

Frameworks we monitor

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Grape
  • Rack
  • Create your own integration!

Background processors

  • Delayed job
  • Sidekiq
  • Resque
  • Custom background processes

Performance insights

  • Response times (mean, 90th percentile)
  • Breakdowns per deploy
  • Queue times
  • Stacked graphs (event groups)
  • Memory allocations
  • Event tree
  • Meta information
  • Custom instrumentation

Error tracking

  • Error rate
  • Breakdowns per deploy
  • Open / close
  • Send to issue tracker
  • Error message, parameters, session data
  • Backtrace
  • Environment information
  • Link to the commits for this deploy

Inspect slow events

  • Event groups overview
  • Response times & throughput graphs
  • Impact on the system
  • Actions affected by slow events

Custom metrics

  • Push any type of data
  • Create your own tabs & graphs
  • Combine data in graphs
  • Easy YAML configuration

Hosts en servers

  • Mean, 90th percentile, throughput
  • Error rate
  • Namespace overview
  • Graphs per host
  • Queue times (mean, 90th percentile)

Deploy tracking

  • Revision hash
  • Deployed by user
  • Live for
  • Total # of errors
  • Errors per hour

Front-end monitoring (beta)

  • JavaScript errors
  • Browser performance
  • Global performance

Loads of Internet friends.

AppSignal likes to play nice. You choose the tools you need to get the job done, and we give them the data they need. AppSignal integrates with a growing number of issue trackers and collaboration tools like Slack, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub Issues, GitLab Issues, Trello, Jira and Pagerduty.

We’re always on the lookout for new integrations we can build so you can pair AppSignal with your favorite tools. Have an idea? Send us a message with your suggestions for integrations not yet in our toolbox.

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new & improved

Powerful data collection.

Our new data collection agent has a small footprint, but packs a heavyweight punch. It runs seamlessly alongside your Ruby apps, and collects up to ten times more data than industry-standard APM agents.

New features in 1.0

  • Memory allocations for Ruby processes
  • Custom graphs for any metrics you want to track
  • Slow events to inspect queries, partials, API calls
  • Front-end monitoring for errors & performance, currently in beta
Diagram explaining that our agent runs alongside your Rails app, sending data through our processor, which sends it to and alerts you of issues.

A company built on values.

We want to deliver incredible insights into the workings of your applications, and which consequences that brings. We want to enable you to focus on writing amazing code, so you can make your customers happy. We value independence, open-mindedness, justice and flexibility.

Every day we work hard to make sure our actions reflect this. Our pricing, customer support, product development, customers and partnerships all result from this vision. Sticking to our vision is the only way to remain successful, responsible and accountable.

Excellent customer support

We help you get maximum value out of AppSignal.

User-focused interface

Provides clarity and insight without effort.

Taking responsibility

All data is stored & processed in Europe.

High quality code

We don't take shortcuts.