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All the metrics and alerts you need to keep your app running smooth. Explore our powerful features and integrations with your favorite tools.


AppSignal works great with Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Grape & Rack and supports all popular background processors.

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AppSignal catches all of your app’s exceptions and performance issues and notifies your team in your collaboration tool of choice. Check out our built-in integrations!


Catch errors

Catch every exception in your app, without exception. Dive deep into errors and smash the bugs that plague your app.

Monitor performance

Know when your app is slow and why it’s lagging. Spot trends with easy-to-use graphs and inspect details of slow requests.

Compare deploys

Compare the performance, error rate, in-production duration and more of deploys. See who deployed when and which commit introduced an error.

Track background jobs

Track errors, performance issues and queue times for Resque, Sidekiq and Delayed Job. No additional configuration necessary!

Lots of integrations

Use AppSignal to collaborate with your team using the tools you like best.

Own your data

All of your data is available through the AppSignal API. You own it.

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