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AppSignal helps you inspect and improve the performance of your applications. Enhance your customer's experience, and make sure your apps stay performant.

Real-time alerts.

Get alerts when requests are slow.

Get alerted when requests and background jobs are taking longer than expected. Configure at what threshold you want to be alerted on app, namespace, action and job level.

Request details

Find and fix slow actions.

When you are alerted about a slow request, we link to our detailed sample page. Samples provide the information you need in order to find the cause of the issue. Navigating to other slow requests on the same action is done with a single click.


Breakdown of your action's performance by type.

Request details

See the hostname, path, request ID and other information that was saved for this request.

Event timeline

Review your requests to see exactly which events executed, and when.

Change issue status

Set issue status and notifications preferences.

Send to issue tracker

Using an issue tracker? Send it to one of our many integrations!

Browse saved samples

We save the slowest samples. Switch, inspect and


Global response times.

Inspect global throughput and performance graphs for your web requests and background jobs. It shows how your apps are improving over time, and is a great indicator of possible app-wide issues.

Sort by impact

List controllers & jobs.

We conveniently list all your controllers and background jobs, so you can sort, inspect and compare their performance. It is a great way to pro-actively improve the slower parts of your app.

Event groups

Which events are slow?

So your entire app is slowing down? Wonder what's causing it? Find out with our slow events graph, and instantly see if particular types of events are causing overall slowness.


Do I have memory leaks?

We track the number of memory allocations per event, so you can easily spot which events are using too much of your memory.

Request context

Inspect host metrics for slow requests.

Sometimes issues are caused by your hosts running amok. That's why we keep track of host metrics for each performance sample. Discover when to optimize your infrastructure before blaming lines of code or third-party vendors.

All features

Everything you'd expect. And more.

AppSignal is jam-packed with features that bring you deep insights into your app's performance. And we're adding new ones all the time.

Global performance

Get performance averages and 90th percentiles for your entire app.

Background jobs

AppSignal monitors all major background processors for Ruby. Get the full list in our docs

Slow events

Find your slowest queries, API calls or other events that are causing slowness all over your app.

Link templates

Link directly from AppSignal to your CRM by tagging on customer data.

Parameter filtering

Your data is safe in our European data centers. But, we'd still rather not receive any private data. We offer extensive options to filter sensitive data from ever being sent from your app.

Custom instrumentation

Instrument parts of your code to get deeper and more detailed insights in performance breakdowns and event timelines.

Host metrics

View CPU, Disk, IO and Memory statistics for each of your hosts and get a clear picture of your hardware.

Ignore actions

Want to prevent noise and exclude some actions from being reported to AppSignal? Ignoring actions you care less about is easy.


Want to do something fancy with the data we collected on your app? Use our API and get all the data you need. After all, it's yours.

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