Performance monitoring on steroids.

The AppSignal gem collects performance metrics for all of your controllers and background jobs and sends them to us over a secure connection. Our servers get to work immediately to give you detailed, actionable insights into your app’s performance. We save details about slow actions for you to inspect and we notify you of performance issues as often or as little as you like.


Performance overview

Beautiful graphs

Large performance graphs display the mean and 90th percentile values as well as deploy markers and throughput for context at a glance.

Persistent timeframes

Select a period to represent, from hours to months, to debug what went on at a given moment. The selected timeframe stays active as you browse different graphs.

Incident overview

The incident list view shows all actions slower than a certain threshold. You can sort on average duration, number of occurrences and the overall impact.

Overall impact

Find the biggest offenders and fix them first! The impact column displays the average duration for an action multiplied by the number of occurrences relative to other actions.

Dive deep into requests.

Inspect metrics for specific incidents to see what took so long to run. Get an instant breakdown of the durations or dive deeper with the event timeline.

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Integrate away.

We love when software plays together nicely, which is why we integrate with loads of awesome tools for team collaboration and issue tracking.

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