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AppSignal workflow features

Keep your team focused and productive.

We produced a complete set of integrations, settings and tools to get your team productive. Fine-tune AppSignal to suit your team's habits.

All your app insights combined in a single service.

When you're debugging an issue with your app, the last thing you want is having to hunt for information across multiple tools. AppSignal's unified interface has all the information you need, and will help your team debug quickly and stress free. Teamwork is the key to success, so all features are included in all plans, for as many apps and people as you need!

Issue trackers & communication tools

AppSignal works seamlessly with your team. If you ever feel troubled using our platform, we're doing a bad job. That's why we integrate with practically every tool that our customers use, and add new integrations upon request!

Get notifications in your team's communication tool

You don't want to chase after information. So we bring it to your doorstep, whether that's email or Slack. You can find more details on how to integrate with Flowdock, HipChat, OpsGenie and Slack on our documentation.

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Fine-grained control over your notification settings

Get notified exactly when you want to. Get an alert for every single error, once per deploy, or no notifications at all.

Set alerting thresholds for slow controller actions and background jobs between 50ms and 5 minutes.

Amazing support

Imagine you need some help, our engineers find your issue, and roll out a fix in about 15 minutes. Open your eyes: this is a regular thing at AppSignal (and we take great pride in that).

Also, we don't do "first line" and "second line" support: you get to speak with a developer, immediately.

Send issues to trackers

Most of our customers use a third party service to track issues or tasks. So when an error or performance issue needs fixing, you want to send all the details to the tool your team uses.

With AppSignal, creating an issues with all the necessary details is just a click away. Or, use AppSignal's built in issue states instead.

Easy team management

Add users to teams and give them access to specific or all apps, existing or new. Additionally, grant owner status to colleagues so they can access billing settings, invoices and team management features.

Great design

Developer tools do not need to be complicated and ugly. And we're here to prove it. Our interface is all about focus. Simple and clear, so features are easily accessible.

All features. One service. Start your free trial today.

We offer a 30 day free trial, but who doesn't? What sets us apart is the way we care for you. We're just a chat message or email away and would love to help you get your app in the best shape possible.

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