Undetected errors? No such thing.

Fear not, we’ll tell you when something’s broken. Simply include the AppSignal gem in your Ruby app — we'll take care of catching and analyzing errors and we’ll notify your team when necessary.


Errors overview

Incident list

We highlight current errors so you can see how your current deploy is faring. Each row displays the type of error, controller/action and the error rate. Learn more about each error on detail pages.

Graph view

Visually assess your error rate with large, beautiful graphs. Combined with the throughput graphs, it’s easy to see context and trends. Click any point in a graph to navigate to the corresponding snapshot. Debugging has never been easier.

Debugging has never been easier. Start bug squashing immediately.

In AppSignal, you can dive deep into error details to get all the information you need to clean up your code. Easily switch between individual occurrences of an error or hover over the sample list to get basic information that indicates where the problem lies.


Error details


Error details

The error detail page shows important information about a request. We collect session data, parameters, environment information and more.


Filter the backtrace

We show only relevant parts of the backtrace by default, but you can view the whole thing with a single click.

Sample list

View occurences

View details for individual occurrences of an error. Hover over sample lists to glance over the most important data.


Link to GitHub or GitLab

Integrate GitHub or GitLab (even self­hosted) with AppSignal for seamless linking to your source code or issue management system.

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Integrate away.

We love when software plays together nicely, which is why we integrate with loads of awesome tools for team collaboration and issue tracking.

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