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Track errors, performance,
hosts & custom metrics.

AppSignal is made for teams that want to build high quality applications. It offers amazing insights into errors and performance issues, plus host monitoring and an easy to use custom metrics platform. Our customers entrust us with over 30 billion requests to analyze each month.

Stay focused on writing code

A new way of monitoring your apps is here.

The days of switching between your error tracker, APM platform, server monitoring tool and metrics solution are over. With AppSignal, you're consolidating all insights in one service. It's more affordable, more convenient and more reliable than using separate services.

Do less of this

  • Switching between tools for insights
  • Maintaining open-source tools
  • Paying per host/server
  • Getting annoying calls from sales teams
  • Clunky and frustrating interfaces
  • Unhelpful "first-line-support"
  • Diving into log files to catch bugs
  • Having blind spots

And more of this

  • All insights in one single interface
  • Easy 5 minute install
  • A simple and fair pricing model
  • Staying focussed on writing code
  • A beautiful and simple interface
  • Great support directly from developers
  • Amazing insights you've never had before
  • Tracking any metric you want

Catch errors.

Catch errors in your Ruby and Elixir applications. Get notified in tools like Slack or HipChat and easily create issues in your issue tracker of choice.

Real-time notifications

When an errors happens in your application, you need to know instantly. Receive alerts where your team works, whether that is email, Slack, HipChat or another messaging platform.

Detailed error reports

We save details error details and provide you with the information to drill down to the root cause. Look at other occurrences of the same error to discover patterns.

Works with your setup

AppSignal tracks errors in all major background processors for Ruby such as Delayed job, Resque, Sidekiq. Plus your custom background job processors.

Learn more about errors

Track performance.

Improve the performance of your controllers and background jobs. Get notified when requests are taking longer than you expect and dive deep into the causes of the slow requests.

Slow request alerts

Set thresholds for controllers and background jobs, so you get alerted when requests are taking longer than you expect. Do this for apps and namespaces, or overwrite it for individual controllers or jobs.

Detailed breakdowns

Slow request breakdowns provide the information you need in order to find the cause of the issue. Our event tree tells you which event took up the most time during the request.

Find slow events

So your entire app is slowing down? Wonder what's causing it? Find out with our slow events graph, and instantly see if particular types of events are causing overall slowness.

Learn more about performance

Monitor your hosts.

If you want to run a healthy app, you need to know how your hosts are doing. AppSignal gives you insight into load, disk I/O, disk usage, memory consumption and network utilization.

Host metrics

Get graphs for CPU, disk I/O, disk usage, load average, memory usage and network usage. Stop using expensive server monitoring tools and get the full picture in AppSignal.

Find rogue hosts

Inspect graphs with metrics like error rate, performance and throughput for all your different hosts. It's easy to spot outliers and identify under-performing hardware.

Hosts during issues

Whenever there's an error or a slow requests, we'll show you which host it occurred on and what the metrics for this host were. This makes it easy to rule out hardware issues right away.

Learn more about hosts

Collect metrics.

Need to collect metrics from your app? AppSignal enables you to easily send and graph metrics. Track payload sizes, database queries, revenue, or cups of coffee.

Collect anything

Your application's infrastructure is unique. Often problems originate on a deeper layer, and you need to dig deep to find root causes. Our metrics platform enables you track what no developer has tracked before.

A few lines of code

It takes just a few lines of code to send us your metrics. There is no need to set up any additional services: just install AppSignal, send some metrics using our easy to use API and you're done!

Build dashboards

Use our dashboard builder to create dashboards with exactly the right information you need to keep an eye on your infrastructure. Easily copy these dashboards to other environments.

Learn more about metrics
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Workflow features.

AppSignal is built so you can stay productive. It integrates with your favorite tools like Slack, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, PagerDuty, Trello, GitLab, Phabricator, Flowdock, HipChat and OpsGenie. Not enough? Use the webhook!

Communication tools

You don't want to chase after information. So we bring it to your doorstep, whether that's email or Slack. We support integrations with Flowdock, HipChat, OpsGenie and Slack.

Issue tracking

Use AppSignal's built-in issue states or send issues to your issue tracker of choice. We offer integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Pivotal Tracker and Trello.

Team management

The days of switching between your error tracker, APM platform, server monitoring tool and metrics solution are over.

Learn more about workflow

Pay for requests. Simple & affordable.

Our pricing is simple: we charge you for the requests we monitor for you. And yes, that means unlimited hosts, errors, applications, metrics and team members. The first 30 days are on us, no matter how much requests you send us!

So, what is a request?

A request is any background job or controller action that is executed. Eg. an hourly job generates 720 requests per month. Web requests depend on your traffic, but we don't count assets, cached resources and things like that.

Control your requests

It's easy to ignore specific actions and limit the number of requests you send us. This is useful if you don't care about some high-volume, low-importance parts of your app.

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Monitor your app. Start your free trial today.

We offer a 30 day free trial, but who doesn't? What sets us apart is the way we care for you. We're just a chat message or email away and would love to help you get your app in the best shape possible.

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