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Elixir APM

Monitor errors, performance and servers for Elixir applications. Battle-tested support for:

Phoenix, Plug & Erlang

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Ruby APM

Monitor errors, performance and servers for Ruby applications. Battle-tested support for:

Capistrano, DataMapper, Delayed Job, Grape, MongoDB, Padrino, Rack, Rake, Resque, Ruby on Rails, Sequel, Shoryuken, Sidekiq, Sinatra & Webmachine

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JavaScript Errors

New: Catch errors in JavaScript projects and see them right alongside your application metrics for Elixir and Ruby.

React, Vue, Angular, Ember, Preact & Stimulus

Packed with features.

Real-time alerts.
Amazing insights.

Get real-time alerts for issues in your applications. Dive deep into your requests and data to debug issues to their core.

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Screenshot of the errors feature of AppSignal
Screenshot of the performance feature of AppSignal
Screenshot of the host feature of AppSignal
Screenshot of the anomalies feature of AppSignal

Making developer's lives easier.

Optimized for your workflow.

It is 2020, not 1999. Tools should work for developers, not the other way around. AppSignal APM provides error tracking, host monitoring, performance metrics and anomaly detection, all in one interface. And rest assured, all integrations, configuration and team management are taken care of.

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Alerts in your tools

AppSignal integrates with Slack, Flowdock, Discord, OpsGenie and more.

More in our docs

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Control your notifications

AppSignal notifies you exactly when you want to. Get the first exceptions per deploy, all of them of never. Set thresholds for performance notifications.

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Amazing support

We don't do "first line" and "second line" support: you get to speak with a developer, immediately.

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Send to issue trackers

A single click creates an issue with all the necessary details in your issue tracker of choice.

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Manage teams and users

Add users to teams and give them access to specific or all, existing and/or new applications you monitor.

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Focus on design

Developer tools do not need to be complicated and ugly. Our interface is kept clean and easy to use.

Easy installation

A few minutes work,
endless insights.

Choose Elixir or Ruby and get the installation instructions for your setup. Our integrations are used on thousands of apps and we support most of your setups.

Get started
# Add to .gemfile
source ""
gem "appsignal"

# Ruby installation
bundle exec appsignal install YOUR_PUSH_API_KEY

# Add to mix.exs
def deps do
  [{:appsignal, "~> 1.0"}]

# Elixir installation
mix deps.get
mix appsignal.install YOUR_PUSH_API_KEY

Our customers mean the
hello world
to us.

Our product is built by developers for developers. The developer mindset flows through every part of our company. So if a developer like you compliments our product, it means the world to us.

Avatar portrait of Stefan Dorresteijn Stefan Dorresteijn @StefanJD

Man, AppSignal is an absolute godsend. Just fixed 2 errors in production, 2 minutes after they happened.

Avatar portrait of Saul Costa Saul Costa @SaulDCosta

AppSignal your "What Happened Here?" feature is pure gold. Just turned what would have been hours of debugging into minutes. I love you.

Avatar portrait of Parker Wrightman Parker Wightman @parkerwightman

Really, really enjoying AppSignal. Great customer support, reliable, regular and thoughtful product improvements.

Avatar portrait of Matt Handerson Matt Henderson @dafacto

Hands down, some of the best customer support I’ve ever received is from AppSignal. In my view, they’ve set the standard.

Avatar portrait of Julia Nadias Juliana Dias @juuh42dias

I'm very impressed with AppSignal <3 AppSignal congrats for your product πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Logo of Uplaunch UpLaunch @uplaunch

AppSignal that moment when I can hit up a client telling them about their error before they even submit a ticket. Thanks for being awesome

Pay for requests. Simple & affordable.

Our pricing is simple: we charge you for the requests we are monitoring for you. And yes, that means unlimited hosts, errors, applications, metrics and team members. The first 30 days are on us, no matter how much requests you send us!

So, what is a request?

A request is any background job or controller action that is executed. Eg. an hourly job generates 720 requests per month. Web requests depend on your traffic, but we don't count assets, cached resources and things like that.

Control your requests

It's easy to ignore specific actions and limit the number of requests you send us. This is useful if you don't care about monitoring some high-volume, low-importance parts of your app.

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Monitor your app.

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