Application Monitoring for Node.js

It's five monitoring tools, packed into one

Framework support

Fantastic support for Node.js frameworks

AppSignal for Node.js works seamlessly with your favorite frameworks. We’ve done as much of the work for you to make installation and instrumentation easy.

  • Node.js Core

    Appsignal for Node.js will auto-instrument any incoming HTTP calls

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  • Express

  • Next.js

  • Node Postgres

"Man, AppSignal is an absolute godsend. Just fixed 2 errors in production, 2 minutes after they happened."

Stefan Dorresteijn @StefanJD

Trusted by 1,000+ amazing teams

Easy setup

5 minute installation, Insights forever ∞

Under the hood, AppSignal runs an ultra-performant Rust agent that your application will work with smoothly. For the developers in the driver seat, we’ve made the installation process as easy as we humanly could. Take it out for a spin?

# Install AppSignal
yarn add @appsignal/nodejs
npm install --save @appsignal/nodejs

# Initialize AppSignal
const { Appsignal } = require("@appsignal/nodejs")

const appsignal = new Appsignal({
  active: true,
  apiKey: "YOUR API KEY"


Insights for days: Our Node.js Blog

AppSignal’s Node.js package was built from the ground up with performance, ease of use and the ecosystem in mind.

Powerful monitoring.
Simple pricing.

  • All plans, all features
  • Starts at $19 / €15 a month
  • 30-day free trial – no credit card needed
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